Advisory services

We can be of assistance for companies looking for external and expert advice and guidance, or to benefit from outsourcing services that can help solve problems or improve performance.

You can consult us and receive help with everything from strategy to specific problems or challenges you face, at each step of your company’s journey. It can be as simple as second opinions on specific ideas or decisions from an independent, external sparring partner, or more strategic and extensive guidance, or even more hands-on support and coaching.

You can make use of the full suite of added value business services we provide including complete technological and software development, financial, marketing, legal and HR services. Our in-house experts, supportive mentors and external partners part of our wider network are readily available to assist you whenever and however you need to help you develop the best products, relationships and traction possible. If any support you need is not available in-house, we will certainly find what you require in our unrivalled and extensive network. It is most likely just a phone call or email away. The help you need could come from our mentors, our partnerships or from any of the many different people we have come across during our own journeys over the course of our careers. Rest assured we will work to get you the assistance you need and will not stop until you are fully satisfied.

We also work with our corporate and strategic partners and other investors/funds (including ones we co-invest with) to assist their portfolio companies, particularly when it comes to specific issues and international expansion to new markets. We expand the value of their portfolio companies in this way usually as part of a fee arrangement or equity share (often in form of milestone related convertible notes).

This support for companies that might not approach us directly or receive direct investment from us, is born out of our vision of helping to further develop startup ecosystems around the world.

Our startup/corporation collaboration initiatives are aimed at helping compelling startups looking for corporate partners and corporations hungry for innovation that are looking to work with startups and design engagement programmes. We work with corporates to understand their desired goals and realistic expectations from collaboration and then come up with a plan for the best courses of action and success metrics. We do the same for startups.

If you are looking to develop new businesses we can build them with you. We source ideas from our corporate partners and develop them in our incubator. This is often far more effective than committing huge amounts of resources and spending large sums of money and time on internal innovation teams or in-house accelerators that can often be very inefficient.