We firmly believe that any company is only as strong as the people that comprise it and more than the sum of their capabilities. Our people, values and collective vision both define and unite us.

We are not your typical investment company and are deliberately set up to do things differently. We are passionate about our mission and are committed to working tirelessly towards it. Across all our functions we are an immensely diverse group, sharing a common entrepreneurial spirit, passion for our aims and the companies and partners we work with (with a shared belief in our duty and view that they come first always) and a commitment to the highest standards and pursuit of excellence. We are proud of the fact that our team is multi-lingual and that most hail from a mix of international backgrounds.

We aim to attract the very best and brightest talent. We believe that continued success comes from bringing the best people together and equipping them with the best tools, processes and platforms – a potent mix and effective recipe for results. If this sounds like a company you would like to work for, and an environment where you would fit in, then we want to hear from you. We recruit high quality candidates throughout the year for a range of different opportunities.

Experienced hires

Experienced hires must have a solid track record of meaningful contributions in previous roles during their careers and have cultural fit in terms of attitude and goals as well as a skills based fit.

Interns, analysts and associates:

For students and graduates, in addition to our fellowships, we take on interns and analysts/associates. Internship opportunities are available year-round alongside an extended summer internship programme. Interns have the chance to convert their internships and receive full time job offers on top of receiving reference letters at the end of the programme. We provide an invaluable introduction, broad and deep exposure, together with an excellent and comprehensive training programme for those interested in investing, venture capital and working with and building early stage companies. You will get the chance to take on real responsibility, work with clients and on live projects and showcase and develop a wide range of skills, giving you all round incredibly fulfilling and rewarding opportunity. The work involved will be varied, interesting and from a wide range of areas, giving you superb exposure. It is designed to allow you to contribute in a significant manner from day one. Gain a unique head start as well as a fantastic in-depth grounding and solid foundation from which you can grow further. We are looking to recruit our next generation of leaders and want to develop internally, giving people who join as analysts/associates and interns the chance to be fast-tracked in their careers and rise up rapidly. Alternatively, if you find that not to be the best route for you, you can even choose to work for one of our portfolio companies or set up your own business - you will have an excellent base from which to move to anywhere you may decide.

Roles at our portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies are often recruiting for a wide range of different roles throughout the year. By working for them you have the chance to build and scale early stage businesses and have a significant influence on their success. These opportunities both arise and are filled very quickly so please contact us should you wish to find out more about available vacancies.

How to apply

We are looking for exceptional people who find our mission, values and approach appealing and want to help us write the next chapter in our story.

If you are interested in pursuing and building a career with Collegiate Capital and would like to apply please send us your CV by emailing and we will keep it on file. This will be the first step and we can then get in touch about the next stages, including references and interviews. For interns please state which of venture capital and startups, financial markets and real estate you are most interested in working in. All submissions will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Why work at Collegiate Capital?

Benefits include:

  1. 1.

    Long-term career development and training – flexible growth and supportive culture

    We are committed to developing our talent from within, beginning at the most junior levels, offering continual development throughout all levels, as we believe we are always learning. With clearly defined career paths, flexibility based around your goals and circumstances, mentorship and extensive training, we give you the chance to build long-term careers rather than just doing a job. We believe in the importance on continual learning and self-development. Entrepreneurial education is a lifelong process and we help you maintain cutting edge knowledge and keep your skills up to date by organising a range of training workshops and events as well as by giving you access to specialist online knowledge providers. We also have online sessions and encourage inter-disciplinary exchanges of ideas and knowledge from within. Lunch and learn events are a regular fixture each week giving, you the chance to learn from the top experts. We can also assist you in obtaining professional qualifications that would add value to what we do. We provide support and time off for those considering this. We encourage participation in business events, conferences and meetups.

  2. 2.

    Meritocracy and flat structure – ideas and contributions are what matter not titles, rise to the top fast

    We seek to minimise hierarchy and maintain a flat structure as much as possible. We are recognised for being a meritocracy and believe the best ideas should win regardless of whom they come from, whether it is an intern or indeed a partner. If you are willing to put in the work, add value through your contributions and show your commitment, there is nothing to stop you from rising to the top very quickly. That would be music to our ears and there is nothing we would like more. We promote independent thinking and do not want people who just follow consensus. In a true idea meritocracy the best ideas win following debate – we encourage people to tests each other’s views and defend their opinions and hypotheses in a humble and open minded manner as we feel that this helps us to innovate more effectively. Transparency and honesty are key for this and lead to constructive arguments and feedback so that the best decisions are made and people develop, learning from their own mistakes and weaknesses, as well as from each other’s strengths. Whilst this might not come naturally to some straight away, we believe it helps everyone both to grow and trust each other more in a meaningful manner, resulting in a more open and effective way of making decisions.

  3. 3.

    Contribute across the full business spectrum – make a difference with rewarding and fulfilling work

    Working at Collegiate Capital offers you the chance to contribute towards building the next big things and to changing the world for the better by participating in the shaping of industries and in the creation of transformative solutions, products and services that tackle the greatest problems. We give you the rare opportunity to contribute across the full business spectrum and help shape the success of several companies, industries and regions at the same time. You are able to undertake tremendously fulfilling and rewarding work. We give you well-rounded exposure and overall we have a mix of specialists and generalists - you have the flexibility to decide whether you would like to develop more specific areas of expertise or have a broader base.

  4. 4.

    We think big(ger) and reach high(er) – be part of something special

    We are innovating and growing every single day and fundamentally are working on building huge opportunities. We are looking to change not just the way venture capital and the investment industry works, but other industries and the world as a whole. This is of course something that is very ambitious and that is precisely why it excites us. You can have the chance to be part of this, really shape it and make a difference and your own mark.

  5. 5.

    Culture of collaboration with a strong emphasis on teamwork – it is in our name

    We are all in this together and are strongest when we utilise the best of our collective capabilities. We recognise and value individual performance, giving you the space to develop and shine but at the same time we place a strong emphasis on teamwork. We win bigger together and see ourselves as a family. Our name itself, ‘Collegiate’, comes from the Latin for ‘companion’ and ‘joined together’ and reflects the collegiate culture of cooperation that we embody. We want you to draw strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating working environment where your team actively helps you to succeed. We organise many regular events and activities to promote team spirit and encourage bonding, from group trips to sporting groups, competitions and events, from after work socials, meals and special Christmas and Summer parties to charitable events and initiatives.

  6. 6.

    Way of doing business with professionalism, mutual respect and trust, in the pursuit of excellence

    We strongly believe in what we feel is the right way to do business, particularly when working with early stage companies where mutual trust is more essential than ever. We are committed to always maintaining a professional approach and the highest ethical standards internally and externally, with relationships based upon mutual trust, respect and openness. Innovation and progress are driven more rapidly when there is an open and vibrant exchange of ideas and we encourage everyone who works for us to share their different points of view and suggestions with each other. We want you to be honest and transparent about your personal career growth, goals and needs so we can best help you to develop and feel fulfilled. A key part of our philosophy is that, in addition to what you contribute, the manner in which you do it is of great importance. How you behave and conduct yourself is crucial.

  7. 7.

    We provide an environment to empower our people – embrace real responsibility from day one, stretch yourself and reach your full potential

    We seek to empower our people to reach their full potential by creating stimulating working conditions that encourage and enable them to contribute the best ideas, utilise their skills most efficiently, and perform to the highest standards, all while having an enjoyable time and feeling valued! From the very first day we give you the resources (including all the latest software and technological tools), responsibility and room for creative freedom and ownership taking, to create significant impact and show the best of yourself. We get you stuck in straight away across a range of different live projects, helping you hit the ground running so that you get a varied and fascinating introduction. On top of this you have attractive professional development and progression opportunities so that you can grow quickly. We want you to bring 100% of yourself to work each day, to feel fulfilled and enjoy what you do. Our physical spaces and work environments have been designed to motivate you. Great coffee and tea, tasty snacks, fresh juices and fruit, cookies and brownies freshly baked right out of the oven are all part of the norm as are lounge rooms for you to take a break, have lunch or play table football and ping pong. We have created a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and believe that hard work and fun should not be mutually exclusive.

  8. 8.

    We are committed to serving the wider communities and environments where we work and live – we take our corporate social responsibility further

    We seek to utilise our resources, people and creative ideas to give back and make a difference to the wider community and environment. We aim to take on pressing social, economic and environmental issues in the world around us and take a long-term approach to philanthropic action, aspiring to leverage the power of innovative technology. We seek to partner with leading organisations and encourage our portfolio companies to involve themselves in our philanthropic efforts or ones of their own choosing. We look to engage everyone who works at Collegiate Capital in our initiatives and organise regular fundraising events and field days. On top of this we seek to reward those who help us, whoever they might be. This can be directly or through donation to a philanthropic cause of choice. If we invest in a company that has been referred to us, we share any profits with those who made the referral. The same goes for anyone who helps us win a deal or helps our companies reach major milestones.

  9. 9.

    We celebrate our diverse mix of the most gifted minds and talent from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds – grow with great people

    Across all our functions we are made up of people from a diverse range of ethnic, academic and social backgrounds. We are a truly multicultural and international group with a broad range of experiences and personalities. Coming from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds and disciplines, they bring different but complimentary skills. We enjoy switching between languages from Java to Japanese and from Ruby to Russian. We celebrate this diversity and mix of experiences, believing that it enriches our company and always makes it an interesting place to work. This wide range of different backgrounds is so very valuable and the differences shape how people think as each of us looks at, interprets and deals with the world around us through the lens of our own unique experiences and identities. How people think is a reflection of who they are and we strive for diversity of thought which is crucial for both innovation and improvement whilst guarding against ‘groupthink’ and mere conformity for the sake of it. We want people to feel comfortable and to be open minded to various ideas, ways of thinking and indeed feedback on these. We believe that mixing up the type of thinkers helps us to make better decisions and better understand how different people think and view things. This can all help us to stimulate creativity and increase our overall efficiency. Join us in harnessing the power of thought diversity and in using different perspectives to drive innovation. If there is something you need help with the chances are that you can find the expertise you need somewhere internally and can learn from these people. By bringing together these ambitious people and different skillsets all in the same place, we have created a potent mix of the smartest talents to build a well-rounded and dynamic overall team. We all have each other’s backs and work together to win together.

  10. 10.

    Welfare, compensation and staff benefits – highly competitive rewards and support to ensure a balanced personal and professional life

    Our people are our greatest assets and you are the ones who contribute to our success and growth as a company. We recognise and reward the impact you make and the results you generate. We are proud to provide a highly competitive and flexible compensation scheme (including salary structure, bonus packages and carry arrangements) and welfare and benefits offering. We care about your wellbeing and want you to feel fulfilled at work whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance – this is all in our interests. We want you to realise your potential and achieve your career goals with us and are dedicated to giving you the attention you need as an individual to grow. We are committed to helping you and your family have strong financial futures. In order to meet the varying needs of talent across the company we offer a range of core and additional benefits, resources and programmes including healthcare, insurance and retirement plans. We are also flexible around family and childcare arrangements and circumstances, vacation days (including the option to purchase more than the standard 25 days) and working hours and locations. In addition, we offer staff special discounts through third party platforms and support several fitness and personal wellness schemes.

What are we looking for?

If you find the above resonates with you and is of interest, then we want to hear from you. Working here provides you with many exciting opportunities and is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. We are a dynamic, impact driven company that is growing rapidly and looking to shake things up each day. We have a fast paced and high energy atmosphere where you will constantly stretch yourself and tackle new challenges.

We are always on the lookout for creative, ambitious and driven people who are eager to learn quickly, develop and work hard. We like well-rounded people who are able to adapt and engage with a broad range of activities and projects. A key part of our philosophy is that, in addition to what you contribute, the manner in which you do it is of great importance to us. How you behave and conduct yourself is crucial.

Whilst we are open to a broad range of experiences and actively encourage applications from all backgrounds in our quest for diversity of thought, the ideal traits are below:

You have a passion for and interest in technology and working with early stage businesses. You are fascinated about all things startup related

You have deep intellectual curiosity and are keen to learn quickly, want to improve and value self-development. You are capable of swiftly picking up new programming languages and skills. You have a hunger to explore new ideas and better understand how the world works

You have excellent organisational and time management skills

You are quick on your feet and are able to adapt to different situations and environments. You are a nimble and engaged problem solver/trouble-shooter and a rigorous thinker

You will be able to prioritise tasks effectively and be able to manage and work on multiple projects and reach numerous deadlines with focus simultaneously. You are able to juggle several balls in the air at the same time

You have strong commercial awareness and an understanding of the global economy and current affairs

You are proactive and will take initiative. You are a self-starter who is able to work and think independently, takes ownership of work and embraces responsibility

You have a superb work ethic - you are hard working, impact driven and care about getting things done. You are able to execute well and both recognise and avoid distractions to deliver tangible output. You are committed to rolling your sleeves up and making things happen

You are highly motivated and driven to attain the highest standards with a go-getter attitude. You are not happy with merely satisfactory or ‘good’ work but are always stirred to push harder, dig deeper and achieve the very best results and understanding. You take pride in your work and have a strong ownership mentality in your quest for results

You are creative in your ideas and have an ability to both form and offer well thought out opinions. You can communicate and defend these views well. You do not merely follow consensus

You enjoy research and are able to analyse and distil large volumes of information into concise and coherent relevant key messages and draw conclusions in a highly analytical and detail orientated manner

You are comfortable working accurately with large datasets and have an ability to discern patterns out of significant volumes of data

You have excellent attention to detail and deep analytical skills, striving for accuracy in everything you do

You have outstanding intellectual ability and can deal with complex problems and frameworks. You can apply critical thinking and brilliant conceptual and practical thought capabilities to find the best solutions

You are able to work well collaboratively as part of a team

You are articulate and possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

You enjoy working with technology and online software platforms and providers. We can help teach you how to use any tools with which you might be unfamiliar

You possess leadership ability (or the potential to lead) and are able to take charge and manage people, evaluating output and holding people accountable. You are able to motivate those around you, provide feedback and help your colleagues develop

You are entrepreneurial and an early adopter. You are not afraid to take calculated risks

You have outstanding interpersonal skills with the ability to build and manage a network effectively and develop relationships with top entrepreneurs, investors and other partners

You are able to represent the company and interact professionally with both internal and external stakeholders and partners at all times

You are committed to always putting the client and their needs first

You have high levels of energy, confidence and resolve

You have sound business ethics and are able to demonstrate good judgement. You have admirable character, displaying integrity, honesty and humility. You conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times, value truth and openness and remain humble, striving always to self-improve and contribute better work outcomes

You have a positive open minded attitude to feedback. You do not fear failure and are able to learn from and rectify mistakes and work on weaknesses

You are freethinking and are always looking for better ways of doing things and want to improve productivity. You are able to identify and implement (with support) new processes and efficiencies

Last but not least, you have hustle (and have your own unique definition of what it is!)

Collegiate Capital is an equal opportunities employer and is determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.