Startup/Corporations Collaboration Schemes

Our startup/corporations collaboration schemes are designed to assist in the development of mutually beneficial partnerships between startups and corporates so enormous opportunities can be created for each other and simultaneously great value created for their customers and the wider market.

For corporates we seek to help you avoid the dreaded ‘Kodak moment’ and can consult you on the best approaches and practices and design programmes and models with you. We are here to help and believe that embracing the importance of ‘open innovation’, as many organisations are increasingly doing, is the best approach. Doing it all on your own in-house can be a large drain on resources as you try different options to get it right. Often you may fall short of achieving your desired results with significant costs and time loss. In the worst cases all this can lead to reputational damage. We help you avoid making the mistakes of creating environments that generate little results beyond just good brand association, that attract the wrong companies or too few at all and that do not provide the tailored support required for startups to succeed. We have a great wealth of experience in brokering the relationships between both sides, designing programmes and initiatives that add value and are high quality. We understand what to look for, where the pitfalls are, and what often works and what does not. We often find that the hardest part is at the earlier stage with issues around lack of internal buy-in, the levels of resources and investment required and the desired impact. We work with corporates to understand their desired goals and realistic expectations from collaboration and then come up with a plan for the best courses of action and success metrics. We do the same for startups. For each partner, any collaboration can be ruined from the beginning if they do not understand what the other side is looking for, and so we help them understand each other’s perspectives and goals, so that the relationship can be a mutually beneficial one. We give both sides the time, attention and sensitivity required for successful collaborations between innovation-seeking companies and ambitious startups. If you are a compelling startup looking for corporate partners, or if you are a corporation hungry for innovation and looking to work with startups and design engagement programmes, get in touch with us today! Collaborate to innovate!

Up-Start & Collegium

As part of our work with leading universities around the world we also work closely with the most talented and ambitious younger students, typically undergraduates, and the most effective campus organisations and societies.

We support the best organisations and societies on campus through the Collegium Global Network and organise the Collegiate Campus Challenge idea competition and Up-Start World Summit. If you are from a university entrepreneurship department, Careers Service, or represent a group of students interested in the world of startups, we would like to hear from you today. We work closely with the leading and most enterprising societies, university funds and accelerators across the world to provide the tools, guidance and funding resources needed to commercialise ideas and get them to market. This network of relationships gives us unrivalled and first look access to the best business ideas coming out of universities globally. We love innovation, technology and those looking to make a difference and their own dent in the universe. We want to shape today’s young people into the leading business innovators of tomorrow who can make their mark and literally build the future. University campuses are hotbeds of entrepreneurial thinking, disruptive creativity and innovation and we seek to harness that truly exciting potential. We work hard to support the best and brightest talent, and help them put their classroom learning into practice in the real world. It is our firm belief that the best learning comes from doing. University is a time of discovery and we want to help you make the most of the opportunities available and have the best possible university experience. We do not merely invest in the entrepreneurs of today but are committed to cultivating and supporting the future generations who will shape our collective future. If you are involved with the entrepreneurship scene at universities, get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can support you and work together.


Our fellowships for graduates, young or first time entrepreneurs and those looking to escape the corporate world are designed to empower the next generations of exceptional entrepreneurs and help them create market leading businesses of the future, to drive economic prosperity and transform societies.

Entrepreneurs play a hugely important role in stimulating economies and are key drivers of growth all over the world. Today global development is entering a phase where entrepreneurship will increasingly play an even more important role. Our mission is to identify and nurture the best talent and shape them into the most prominent innovators, leaders and changemakers of the future – we hope to develop an active community of remarkable people. We seek to invest in brilliant people who, with support, can start and build successful businesses, drive change and make a significant impact. We work hard to provide you with the best platform from which to maximise and unleash your potential. Our fellowships aim to prepare you for the journey ahead with the powerful mix of skills, guidance and perspectives you need to prosper. Together, we provide an environment equipped with all the necessary tools to flourish: like-minded and talented people; experienced mentors; invaluable guidance and advice from experts; a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere with fascinating events; access to workspace, labs and technological, legal, financial, HR, marketing, analytics support teams; theoretical knowledge and practical skills; and access to capital and a wider network of contacts required at each step of the way. In short, we provide the fertile soil, light and water for you to grow and flourish as a budding entrepreneur. The fellowships have been developed to be the launchpad to propel you forward – it is what we and many others would have so dearly wanted when first starting out! ‘Talking-the-talk’ about setting up a business and being an entrepreneur is not enough and we seek to help people actually ‘walk-the-walk’ by providing them with the resources and support to succeed. So if you’re looking to act on your ambitions and create your own ventures, we can help you move from thought to action as you gain the skill set, guidance and confidence needed. We want to help inspire and empower you so that you make the most of opportunities.