Up-Start & Collegium

As part of our work with leading universities around the world we also work closely with the most talented and ambitious younger students, typically undergraduates, and the most effective campus organisations and societies.

We support the best organisations and societies on campus through the Collegium Global Network and organise the Collegiate Campus Challenge idea competition and Up-Start World Summit. If you are from a university entrepreneurship department, Careers Service, or represent a group of students interested in the world of startups, we would like to hear from you today. We work closely with the leading and most enterprising societies, university funds and accelerators across the world to provide the tools, guidance and funding resources needed to commercialise ideas and get them to market. This network of relationships gives us unrivalled and first look access to the best business ideas coming out of universities globally. Get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can support you and work together.

We love innovation, technology and those looking to make a difference and their own dent in the universe. We want to shape today’s young people into the leading business innovators of tomorrow who can make their mark and literally build the future. University campuses are hotbeds of entrepreneurial thinking, disruptive creativity and innovation, and we seek to harness that truly exciting potential. We work hard to support the best and brightest talent, and help them put their classroom learning into practice in the real world. It is our firm belief that the best learning comes from doing. University is a time of discovery and we want to help you make the most of the opportunities available and have the best possible university experience. We provide an environment equipped with all the necessary tools for starting a successful company and turning your ideas into real funded businesses: like-minded and talented people; experienced mentors; invaluable guidance and advice; theoretical knowledge and practical skills for starting and running a company; and access to capital and contacts required on every step of the way – in short the fertile soil, light and water for your visions to grow. We do not merely invest in the entrepreneurs of today but are committed to cultivating and supporting the future generations who will shape our collective future.

Up-Start (www.upstart.world) is the world’s largest conference and entrepreneurial competition for students, graduates and young people and provides an exciting, one day masterclass for those attending. The aim of the conference and competition is to inspire the next generation of future leaders, to encourage young people to start their own ventures whilst empowering them by providing them with invaluable advice and initial tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs. This is all with the aim of turning bright ideas from ambitious aspiring entrepreneurs into successful real businesses. The event itself will be a one day extravaganza with a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style/TechCrunch Distrupt-esque pitching finale (the culmination of two previous rounds), world renowned top entrepreneurs, respected leading VCs and investors and high profile CEOs. It seeks to act as a ‘Davos for students and young people’. It is a one-stop opportunity for business representatives and young people, students and graduates from Oxford, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to convene in an interesting, interactive and social environment, showcasing the very best of the best talent, ideas and businesses being developed.

Up-Start encourages imagination, initiative, and innovation. The very best of the best around the world will compete to secure investment. It is a great opportunity to see the latest trends coming out of the top Universities globally. It aims to showcase just how much talent there is coming out of universities around the world and how young people will be driving innovation increasingly in the future, particularly in the UK and Europe, which has traditionally lagged behind the US. The Competition is comprised of 3 rounds. The first round involves students summarising their business idea in just 200 words and giving some basic details about their team and progress so far (if any). If successful in the first round, you qualify for the second round where you then develop your idea further and are given guidance and feedback from experienced mentors and professionals. After this the top 8 entries qualify for the Grand Final at the Conference where, in true ‘Dragon’s Den’ style, each team will pitch to a group of investors for about 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions. They will receive feedback after. Here, the best entrepreneurs of the future here have the chance to get in front of experienced investors looking to put their money into some best new enterprises around and convince them why they are most likely to succeed and merit investment. Ahead of the final, the finalists will be given pitch training and further guidance. There are investment prizes for first, second and third places followed by a people’s choice award and runner up highly commended award, where those attending vote online on their phones or tablets for their favourite pitch.

Collegium is a network for the most talented, ambitious and impressive young people from around the planet who are the leaders of the future in their respective fields, communities and the world as a whole. We passionately believe in the power of networking, collaboration and connectivity for the betterment of the world. We appreciate that in addition to what you know, who you know is of huge importance and by creating connections between the rising stars of the future and equipping them with the networks and help they need, we provide the best platform for their success. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. From this we hope to see the most exciting innovations, the most creative content and the greatest impact and positive change to the world.

Collegium focuses on recognising, developing, connecting and helping the most talented young people and stars of today so that we can shape them into the most prominent innovators, leaders and changemakers of the future. Our aim is to help our members prosper and succeed in their lives and careers. It is also our goal for them to better the world we live in and we work hard to provide them with the best platform from which to maximise and unleash their potential. We have created a network that allows for EVERYONE TO WIN and a key part of our vision is for our members not just to help their fellow members, but also the rest of the world around them.

The most active students join and get involved with the running of campus organisations of young people – also known as societies. Collegium recognises and supports the best go-to societies on campus that provide the most effective services to students, and by working together, improve the offerings of all our member organisations.

The top societies do some truly amazing work and achieve great things that make a huge difference to their members and we appreciate these efforts and the teams behind them. These teams work hard to support the best and brightest talent, and help them put their classroom learning into practice in the real world. It is our firm belief that the best learning comes from doing and societies are a great way to apply this. When it comes to learning and skill development on campus there is no better way than by getting involved with societies. They play a significant role in adding to the richness of university life.

We know better than anyone else just how hard the teams behind these societies work to provide services for their members, recruit members, carry out marketing, raise funding, organise events, initiatives and much more! We also know just how invaluable the experience you gain is and just how many skills you both develop and demonstrate. Building upon the successes of the Oxford Guild which has grown to be the biggest society not just in Oxford and the UK but Europe and now the world, the Collegium global network supports and represents societies and student organisations. Through shared best practices, resources and collaboration we help them to provide the best possible services at their Universities.

This is all part of our wider programme to encourage entrepreneurship amongst young people, create a culture change and develop entrepreneurial ecosystems.